Watched this movie this morning before I went to bed so I was fairly tired. After I watched it I looked it up on Wikipedia, I like to read more about movies after I watch them to learn more if I can.

I found that there were a lot of negative reviews for the movie, I liked it myself. A lot of them were about it not explaining why he was killing off the 7 children born the day Abel died. Now, I may have been half asleep and misunderstood the movie but I thought towards the end Alex (who's possessed or whatever by Abel) told Bug the night Abel died his souls escaped into the 7 babies. The black woman in the ambulance at the first said that he supposedly had multiple souls, so that'd make sense. Before the last fight Bug stated he was smarter now that he had the other's souls inside him. After Bug killed Alex, in the narration he states that he's the condor, which eats souls. So, that makes sense.. he was one of the multiple souls of Abel and he absorbed the other souls of the 5 kids after they were killed. Seems to me Abel was killing off the extra souls.

Anyone else seen this movie?