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    Thread: Anime Relations Graph

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      Anime Relations Graph

      I could have posted this in the anime/manga thread, but I thought this deserved its own thread.

      If you enjoy watching anime, you may find this "tool" of some use.

      Some anime are similar to others. Websites like MyAnimeList.net (among others) allow users to make recommendations for shows that are similar to the one in question. While this was useful, you couldn't really see an overarching theme amongst the anime, so I decided to make something that did.

      See it here:
      Anime Relations Graph

      I'd be glad to hear any comments or suggestions.
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      Wow, this is really neat! You made this yourself, too, that's awesome. I used the graph for Gosick, and came up with this, which looks pretty good from it's plot summary: Heaven's Memo Pad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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