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      Last book you read, and what you thought about it?

      What was the last book you read, and what's your review of it? (Thoughts, details, did ya' enjoy it, etc.)

      I know not too many people are readers in modern days, but I think the DV Community is probably a bit different.
      For me, I recently read a New York Times Bestseller: The Shack

      It revolved around a middle-aged man, Mackenzie, who had grown up abused, and had a problematic time in his later life. One day while camping in a family-friendly area, Mackenzie took his family out on the river for a small, day, canoeing trip. His son falls out into the water, and Mack dives in to save him, however leaving his daughter on the raft. His 6-year-old daughter is abducted by a serial killer, whom murders her with no trace of his scent to be found. The plot of the book goes onto reveal him and his family facing The Great Sadness of their lives, and a visit to where his daughter was killed. There, Mack encounters a manifested image of God, and conflict erupts, twists are found, and the truth of judgement so evident in everyone's life, along with showing how prideful we can be.

      It's a great book, and I'd reccomend it, maybe.. 3.5/4 out of 5 Stars. (I hate to judge with ratings, because every movie/game/book is so different, scales can't be all that accurate.)

      Others? I'd love to hear it!
      Goals: For now, exploration!.

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      You are dreaming.Do a reality check.

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