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      Skyrim Dream Mod

      Ok, so in light of the Oculus Rift, I was thinking about rebuilding my dreams in the Elder Scrolls Construction Set. Then I thought, how cool would it be for when my Dova goes to sleep, he wakes up in my dream world. I was thinking initially it would start as a quest involving Vaermina.
      And getting stuck in a long horrific nightmare, and the prize is instant lucidity everytime you sleep. Maybe even add the options to bypass it just to pass time as well as choosing a sustainable dream world or random one.
      Or, even make it a collaborative Dreamviews project thus increasing the number of random dreams to enter, essentially increasing awareness to Dreamviews and lucid dreaming its self.
      Not that I'd currently be able to help till I get my new super computer, which could be awhile. I'm saving up for a really good one that can run with graphics maxed out can support a lot of mods and zero lag, and the Oculus Rift. I was really just daydreaming about Skyrim again....

      Any ideas or criticism?
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