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      The Elder Scrolls and Lucid Dreaming

      I'm sure many of you enjoy the Elder Scrolls games as I do. My favorite aspect of the series is the lore. It's vast, deep, unique, and complex. If you dig deep enough, you'll come across a rather intriguing concept: CHIM.

      CHIM can be a very difficult concept to understand. First, one must understand the structure of the universe (more-or-less), the Aurbis. Its structure is commonly represented by the Wheel. At the center is Mundus, the mortal plane. The spokes are the realms of Aetherius; the spaces in between are the realms of Oblivion. Everything beyond that is the Void. Lastly is the rim. If you look at it head-on, you will see that it forms an "I". This is the godhead.

      "What does this have to do with lucid dreaming?" you may be asking. Well, the entire TES universe is actually a dream -- the dream of the godhead, I. This means that nothing in the universe actually exists. If a person comes to realize this, he/she would normally lose his/her sense of individuality and "zero-sum" and simply cease to be (by which I mean fade out from existence altogether). However, some people manage to retain their individuality. This is CHIM.

      When a person achieves CHIM, they realize that everything in the dream is a part of himself/herself and can manipulate anything at will. Does this sound familiar? That's right; CHIM is basically lucid dreaming!

      Vivec is the only person absolutely known to have achieved CHIM, though others, such as Tiber Septim, are also thought to have achieved it.

      I'm not the one who thought of this connection, but I wanted to share it with you all. Pretty cool, eh?

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      I'm surprised there are no replies in this thread. It's quite interesting to compare Vivec with a lucid dreamer. I don't know why but he was always interesting to me since I first met him in his temple in Morrowind. Anyway, nice article (or wherever you found this)

      "What if you slept, and what if in your sleep you dreamed you went to heaven and there
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      what then?"
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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      Never even guessed it... wow!
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      I love the Elder Scrolls, never read about Chim. That's wicked interesting. From what you're saying it would be like if a dream character who wasn't you realized they were in your dream but weren't just another part of your subconscious. So in the context of the Elder Scrolls, it's interesting to think about to what extent we can consider dream characters separate individuals that happen to live in our heads. Maybe they're like the ultimate imaginary friends

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