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      Palm-reading SURGERY (???)

      palm reading SURGERY

      I just heard on TV that some folk in Japan are having surgery on their palms to lengthen their lif-line, and adjust other lines and signs on the palm of their hand.

      I cannot find a Youtube on folk going under the knife to change their fortune but I found this on Japanese palmistry.


      Read your palm ! only 7 minutes lectured by Japanese Ninja - YouTube

      ***(7:45) 2,007.190 views

      hahahaha I found this too

      look for triangles under your life line and if their aren't any get a plastic surgeon to put som on your palm hahaha


      the show more

      PALMISTRY - In this video I am trying to show money on palm.

      Inherited money is shown by a fine curving line beside the base of the Apollo finger on the side of the Mercury finger. This line simple means that the person will come into money at some stage in their life.

      Earned money is shown by a triangle formed on two sides by the crossing of the Head and Destiny lines. On the percussion (edge of the hand opposite the thumb) side of this conjunction you will find a small triangle. Ideally, it should be a completely triangle as this means the person can hang on to some of the money once he or she has it.

      If it is partially open or there is no third side, it means that although money comes in, most manages to flow out. The triangle indicates only earned money.*

      Lottery wins are shown by small triangles on the inside of the Life Line. The Life line provides one of the sides of this triangle and the placement of the triangle shows when the money will be won.

      Very few people have these triangles.

      If a fine line running from the Life line to one of the finger mounts can be seen & if it ends on the Jupiter mount the person will ultimately achieve great success in his or her career.

      If it ends on the Saturn mount it will come through plain hard work.

      If it ends on the Apollo mount it is an indication of someone who is lucky in winning money.

      Finally, if the line ends on the Mount of Mercury it shows the money will be earned in the business or scientific world.

      here is the Youtube


      Money on your palm - YouTube

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      Yeah don't do this.

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      You had me at Japanese Ninja!

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