Origin and humble bundle just put up a sweet deal.
I paid ten dollars for it just to be nice.

Pay what you want and get the terrifying sci-fi horror third person shooter Dead Space 3; the original bone-chilling horror shooter Dead Space; the intense action-packed supersoldier shooter Crysis 2 Maximum Edition; the high speed open-world crash happy racer Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box; the authentic modern warfare sim Medal of Honor; and the first person parkour thrill ride Mirror's Edge. Pay over the average and receive the beloved life sim The Sims 3 (along with two expansion packs in The Sims 3 Starter Pack) and the unrivaled military shooter Battlefield 3.
Had I dished out the money for these games when they released I would have had to spend close to $350 (+1 for being patient)
Not only is it a terrific deal, it's also the fastest selling humble bundle, beating the THQ humble bundle record of 5million in two days!