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    Thread: fear of robots!

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      fear of robots!

      When I was about ten, me and my mother and my sister who was about six at the time, were shopping in the toy section of our local shopping mall. Things were pretty peaceful until this life-size animatronic… thing started riding around on its bike and going up to people to talk to them. It looked like the honey monster from the sugar puffs commercial, only smaller. It was quite sophisticated and life-like. It moved its head to look at whoever it was talking to. As a twenty one year old, it probably wouldn’t scare me that much, but as a small ten year old it freaked the crap outta me! Naturally as soon as it saw us it drove straight over (I’d been hoping it wouldn’t notice us). It told me that it liked the blue t-shirt I was wearing. I think its words were along the line of “my goodness that’s a very nice t-shirt.” It had a very posh and pleasant speaking voice. It then went over to another family. My mother and I couldn’t stop staring at it. It turned its head in our direction and said “what are you staring at?” After that it didn’t take long to figure out who was operating it not far away a very tall man approached. He had dark copper hair and wore glasses. He was dressed entirely in black and wearing a leather jacket. He was also covered in wires and talking into the one closest to his face. Despite the fact that, in my opinion he stood out more than the actual robot monster, he didn’t get too many looks. It sounds silly but after that day I was terrified about going back to that place and running into that thing again. Don’t get me wrong, he was adorable but he still freaked me out.

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      Well, if you face the fear ,and you now know that robots are harmless, it wouldn't be hard to get rid of it
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