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      Lego Movie=Toy Story? (Spoilers Possible)

      So anyone reading this, I'm assuming you have seen Toy Story 3. (If not, then I want to know what rock you've been living under.) And you've either seen the Lego Movie or are OK with getting spoilers to the plot.
      And this isn't some groundbreaking fan theory that needs a ton of evidence or whatever, just a little something that I thought was interesting. And I'm not going to bead around the bush, just cut right to the chase.
      After seeing the Lego Movie, I thought about how almost the entire story was told with Legos that moved and emoted, just like the toys in toy story. But they were not toys in the real world, they were toys in a Lego world. But, in Toy Story 3, the opening scene kind of reminds me of the Lego Movie because the toys are in a make believe world while they are being played with that resembles the room they are in. (In TS3, The clouds look like Andy's wallpaper, and the desert terrain is close in color to the floor of his room. In the Lego Movie, the world looks similar too, but is blown out of proportion. The pretend city is HUGE while the real city fits on a large table.) So this seemed to be a similarity to me.
      It also seemed similar in the fact that in the pretend world, the characters can emote and have unique voices and personalities. (See both movies.) They can also have Superpowers and give off effects that are obviously products of the child's imagination.
      Finally, they are similar in that in both stories, that when the child's' imagination is interrupted by something, the story gets interrupted and it shows what the real world looks like.
      And if this isn't similar enough to Toy Story, then why is the Emmet able to move around on his own when humans aren't looking.
      Long story short, I just thought it was interesting how the Lego Movie is basically a feature-length version of the opening scene from Toy Story 3. Not saying it's bad because of that, just saying that is shares a lot of the same rules. (Though admittedly I would have enjoyed the Lego Movie more when I was 8, not 18. But I still thought it was a solid for the humor.)

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      Is Toy Story 3 any good? I can't remember if I saw it or not, I saw the first two for sure but the 3rd one doesn't ring a bell as far as plot or anything.

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