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      Fox Amoore's Music

      Fox Amoore is a musician who creates generally beautiful, relaxing music, usually instrumental, sometimes with vocals. I started following his music when I heard his "Ballad of the Wind Fish" remix (Look it up! It's great!). On his Facebook music page he posted this today (2014 April 06):
      Easter holidays coming... Why not enjoy some music :0 For the next few days all albums 3.50 (More than half price!) Treat yourself, gift it to your friends, calm your enemies with it... Whichever!

      So, if you are interested in his music, now may be a good time to purchase! I can't post links until I've been a member for three days (which is tomorrow), but since this is time sensitive I'll go ahead and post this and just let you know to do a google search for "bandcamp fox amoore" if you are interested. EDIT: I would personally recommend the album "The Ballad of Midnight - 5th Anniversary".

      Also, FYI, free versions of a lot of music are available on his Fur Affinity page. (The music in his albums is usually higher quality, though.)
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