The 3rd season of "The Voice" begins in 3 days (Sunday 4-May-2014).

I have been wondering if I want to follow it and post here on Dreamviews as I did last year.

I have been trying to make up my mind whether to do what I did last year. It is a big job. But it can generate waking life synchronicities of dreams.

Wow the views for last years "The Voice Australia" thread just hit 1, 333 Here's the thread:


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since it turned out to be that popular I will do it again for 2014.

Last years winnrr was the "stutterer" Harrison Craig. Seal was his coach. Here they are, singing together.


Seal & Harrison Craig Sing He Ain't Heavy He's My…: Seal & Harrison Craig Sing He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother: The Voice Australia Season 2 - YouTube


The Voice Australia 2014 begins airing this Sunday 4-May-2014.