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      Any Lucid Dreaming musicians out there?

      I was wondering if there is any musicians on DV that have lucid dream experiences that involve creating music or jamming in dreams etc. Jamming with musical heroes! I am musician myself I play upright bass/electric bass - I am mainly into jazz,funk,hiphop, but i also listen to everything from afro-cuban, post rock, indie, reggae, tango, world music etc.

      So yeah!! Comment any experiences I'd love to know because I am interested in maybe getting to play with some of my musical heroes in my lucid dreamss. I mean I could take a bass lesson from Dave Holland in my dreams or I can jam with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, with Jerry! And i think composing and playing music at the same time could be cool too.
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      I wouldn't call myself a musician but I play a bit guitar and a bit piano and I'm currently writing a musical.

      I have never played music in my dreams that I can remember, although I have dreamt about broken instruments a couple of times. Which is... disturbing. Meep. Once I dreamt about a guitar with a bent neck. You can imagine that feels really reassuring.

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