This is a TV series from france that I can't recommend enough. It has a thick and chilling atmosphere and superb music (by Mogwai, a band from Scotland), good acting...

The setting: in a small alpine town the dead suddenly come back into their lifes. While this may sound like a zombie flick, it is not. It is a mystery drama, but the main theme is a very realistic approach as to how people would cope with the situation. A mother finds her teenage daughter alive and completely normal in her kitchen ten (?) years after her death... it is so well played how the family reacts to this, from complete disbelief to denial. She is not the only one who has returned, for unknown reasons. The series throws up many questions and answers very few of them. If you liked the Twin Peaks series, you will love this. It is a slow burner, so be prepared.

All the trailers don't do it justice. This is the best, but still it fails to give a good impression of what the show really is about. And to make things worse, it's in french

The director scheduled every shoot at dusk and that adds to the unique and chilling tone of the series. I absolutely loved it.