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      The After, Amazon Prime pilot (Spoiler alert!)

      Well. Vaaaaaague spoliers.
      Amazon released the pilot for their up-coming series called The After.

      First of all, the scene in the hotel where people are teeming in the halls reminded me of a few apocalyptic nightmares I've had. Then about halfway through the episode I realized that the whole thing functioned on dream logic and it made the show much more appealing. Like, one man does something off camera that it takes five of them to accomplish on camera. Or, an escaped convict takes a woman hostage and the police officer says "She has a daughter" to try to sway the man to let her go, but the hostage never told her that. In another show these would seem like plot holes, but since it is structured with dream logic, I just believed that the information was intuited for the sake of progressing the story.
      Though most of the characters are introduced by name, the names don't seem as important as the ROLE of the character. Clown, Police Officer, Actress, Lawyer, Prostitute, Convict.
      There are lapses in time, the power is suddenly out, and the water doesn't work. Antagonists that appear from nowhere.

      I don't know, now I'm finding it hard to explain. If you have Prime you should check it out and see what I mean.
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