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    Thread: Life Changing Series

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      Life Changing Series

      Once in every while you come across a movie or series and it just connects with you. You are instantly hooked. It has grabbed your heart and now all you can do is follow it's lead. You simply have to keep watching. And then, after it has had it's way with you, you are left there. All alone. Wondering "now what?". Life goes on, but something has changed for you. You just had a life changing experience, and now you are in the void that comes after it.

      I'm very interested if anyone here had any such experience with a series, movie or anime. And let me tell you mine. Because I have class in couple hours, and I need to get a hold of myself. I need to tell someone. Or in this case, everyone!

      So this weekend I was in a pretty bad place. I was feeling generally depressed wondering where to go with my life. This and lonelyness led me to what I usually do in these circumstances: anime binge watching. So I was just past the rough stage starting to feel better when yesterday I started up the anime "Your Lie In April". Initially I was just gonna watch a few episodes. But within 5 minutes of the first episode I was completely hooked. I knew I had to do other stuff that day, but there was no longer any choice. I had to watch it till the end. While I was watching, the show took me on a journey. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed out loud. I cried. I was at the mercy of the series. Then, at 1am in the morning, I had ripped through all the episodes. For about half an hour I just sat on my bed, wondering how to continue life from this point. Something had changed. I was moved to a point where I could no longer just go to school.

      This morning I skipped the first half of school, because I was still not fully recovered. And now, as I write this, I finally start to feel a little bit better about going back to my life. Now I'm just left with a void. The void of something so touching, of something so moving. In a few days (or another great anime)my life will be back to normal.And when it is, I will remember this as something special. Something I won't forget in my life.

      I had a similar experience with clannad after story. I'm not sure which one got me more. I'll judge that after my void-period. Anyways, please tell me if you have ever experience anything like this. Or what you think of my story. Or even what you think of the 2 anime's I just stated.
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      I hear you man.

      Pandora's star did the same for me, I can re-read it and I keep finding new details. Same goes for final fantasy 8. Some stories and concepts are so captivating that you can just spend hours hypothesizing the world outside of the books/game/movies.

      A great short series I just watched is called "anamnesis", it's based on lucid dreaming with large elements of precognition and dream sharing. Whilst I'm not a believer in those concepts the series is exceptionally gripping and pretty much takes portraying a lot of lucid sensations to the next level. Definitely recommended just to fill the gap.

      One thing I've also enjoyed in the past is writing your own fiction, be it original or connected to your favourite series. I had a lot of fun thinking up new ideas for a little side story for pandoras star and now I've started in a universe I conceived many years ago.
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