my dream studio:

14 channels of Neve pres
14 channels of API pres
4 channels of Mercury m76 valve pres
4 Retro 176 limiters
2 UA 1176 limiters
2 Massey PEQs
2 A-designs REDDI DI boxes
Bricasti M7 reverb

now the mics:

Telefunken U47AE
Neumann U87(vintage 1970's)
2 Crowley and Tripp El Diablos
2 Royer Tube 122s
Bock 251
4 Telefunken m260s
2 mercenary audio km69s
4 AT4050s
2 FET modded Shure sm57s
yamaha subkick

DAW set-up:

iZ Radar ADA classic (16 ch)
Pro Tools 8 HD1
8 core Mac
Barefoot M27 monitors
cheap makie DAW mixers
McDSP emerald bundle plug-ins
30'' LCD screen for control room and one for amp/mic room

Thats pretty much at the top of my head, don't consider posting about instruments, because I could fill out another couple pages with the dream instruments and amps I would want. So don't get me started with that.

Anyways, there is my simplified and narrowed down set-up.

anyone else like audio engineering?