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    Thread: Currensy (How Rich Are You?)

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      Currensy (How Rich Are You?)

      Money: The common trading tool and building block of all modern civilization. It helps balance the resources we have and makes them accessible to any one with the right amount of money. It advances the gain of material for that specific individual.

      The Soul: Our parallel civilization. The other world that's so hard to grasp yet so relevant to our daily lives. Some believe that dreams are windows to the soul. I am one of those believers. I believe dreams help build this parallel civilzation, if used right. They help advance the foundation of the soul for that specific dreamer.

      In this material/physical world, money proves itself to be the most prominent currensy, if not the only. On the other hand, our soul comes with many methods of currensy: Meditation, Love, Dreams, Etc... So I say to you my fellow dreamers, start stackin that soul money! Because unlike the money we use presently in the material world, the currensy of the soul will be carried on with you forever. Take this currensy and build! Build the world of your soul and make it alive and breathing! May your soul stretch to infinity, built on the foundation of love, with structures of your greatest dreams towering over your vast amount of intricate temples designed for the deepest meditation. And in the near future shall your soul conquer your body and be brought to light in this time space. I don't know any stronger motive than this, to get you to start recognizing your dreams. And guess what! The currensy of the soul can't be taken from you! No one can put a gun to you and rob you of the soul because YOUR soul is MY soul! When you take, you give. We share eachothers riches and collaborate to build the brightest civilization filled with the highest vibrations of energy. Euphoric oceans surround our civilizations with multiple suns orbiting this parallel world for the ensurance of light at all times. So... How big is your inner civilzation?? How rich are you??

      Fuck the world. Dare to Dream.

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      You can have all the soul you want but if you don't got any money you can't do the things you want, go where you want, or even survive

      You can have all the money in the world, but with no soul, you won't even enjoy anything that money buys

      Both are needed really, it goes both ways
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