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      Aluminum, Barium and Strontium

      Years ago when global warming became front and center in the public's eye, geo-enginneers claimed they can stop global warming by pumping the atmosphere with different chemicals. There were different theories and talks about what they could use. But some of these discussions included Aluminum, Barium and Strontium.

      It seemed like in these discussions everyone agreed it was the only drastic way to change the atmosphere and stop global warming. (minus everyone giving up their car)

      And it also seemed everyone agreed that it was costly and impractical. Since then, it seems like everyone forgot what geo-engineers were babbling about all those years ago.

      So, why is Aluminum, Barium and Strontium being found thousands of parts higher in nature, in soil samples, in drinking water all across the globe when it shouldnt be?

      Yes I am talking about chemtrails. 15 minutes ago I didn't believe in them or understood the chemtrail argument. For one, most chemtrail arguments start with pictures of streaky looking clouds. At first glance most of you would say "Ive learned about clouds like this in school! Its just a cloud!" or you would say "Its a contrail from a plane"

      And I understand both sentiments completely because they were mine, until I understood there is actual evidence that this geo-engineering is already taking place. Massive quantities of Aluminun, Barium and Strontium is already on the ground where it shouldn't be.

      So the question is, where did it come from? Why is it there? (who put it there?) And what are the effects on health and the environment?

      So, unfortunately for all of you who are rolling your eyes - the subject of chemtrails is actually a lot more real than you think.

      My biggest issue when I first heard the chemtrail conspiracy was that I didn't understand why the government would decide to make fake poisonous streaky clouds. No one explained to me any logic or reasoning behind such an evil. All I heard was new world order and aliens taking over.

      Apparently, its a fairly simple argument.

      The government simply didnt want to admit that global warming is so fucking serious that we need to drastically change the atmosphere NOW or all hell will break lose!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! Now were back to a sensible argument. How can the government admit global warming is real and at the same time depend on oil money? SOLVE GLOBAL WARMING WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING! HORRAY!

      And there have been geo-engineering conferences that have lasted for days - talking specifically about what we call "chemtrails". In the conference they were frank and admitted dumping this stuff into the atmosphere can have adverse effects on health and adverse effects on the environment. However the positive outcome was - they can advert global warming.

      The point is, the subject of dumping this stuff into the atmosphere is taken very seriously by these scientists as a legitimate way to save humanity. And they have been shoving this propaganda down the governments throat. Behind closed doors, "chemtails" are not taken as a joke - but a political solution.

      So, I hope you give the chemtrail argument another look, not from the sky but from the ground.

      And when consider this argument, hopefully you can give those "chemtrail" pictures another look. Because when you stop being so blind you can realize that contrails and chemtrails actually are different. Chemtrails pretty much look like pesticide-spraying in that it has a sprayed messy look versus a contrail which is clean and stream-line.

      And we are finding this messier-pesticide-sprayed-look over cities instead of farms.

      Please do the research before disagreeing, lol, thanks. And if you don't believe in any of this, then please offer us your explanation as to why the same substances that geo-engineers have been discussing are already on the ground?

      Because either way, its toxic!!!!

      Also, this has got to be the stupidest way to thwart global warming. Clearly, the simplest and easiest way to thwart it was to change the way we live. Now thats something the governments will never admit.

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      Could they be there from space objects impacting? I know the big dinosaur killer left iridium all over.
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      First off there isn't any reason for that sort of thing. They proposed doing the same thing by spraying sea water up in the air, which is probably cheaper and safer. If they can do it by spraying water in the air, why would they use those other things?

      Secondly, there are no such things I have never seen any evidence for chemtrails. Usually the planes people post saying they are spraying chemicals are planes that are incapable of spraying chemicals. Normal contrails can spread out and have that messy look you are talking about, it all depends on things like altitude, weather conditions and wind speed.

      Aluminum occurs naturally every where, so it is entirely normal to find a lot of aluminum in the soil and in water. Barium and strontium are also naturally in soil and water though to a lesser degree.

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