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    Thread: Political Discussion: My Thoughts on being Pro-Life

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      Sorry I was gone during the heated part of this. My PC broke and could not be repaired. I finally got a new one.
      Here are my thoughts on what has been said and reacted to on this debate thread.

      Anyone who wants to be involved in a on line debate needs thick skin. To a very large extent no one owes it to anyone to be polite and spare their feelings.
      We are all grown ups. The limit comes when you attack the person instead of the idea. That is the limit.
      You can tell someone the idea is grade school level BS, simplistic and poorly constructed. You can not say "I think you must be stupid."
      You can say your own moral compass sounds an alarm and suggests to do such would be wicked and selfish. You can not say, "you are wicked and selfish."

      Be tough and duke it out. Do not get upset about rudeness, but above all do not attack the person.

      I will review any action taken in my absence, but Mods must use the tools they have to keep order, and that involves muting anyone who is disruptive by deleting hostile posts. If the member will not stop then a temp ban is the only tool they have to calm things.
      Hilary did not take action, but another Mod stepped in to prevent escalation.
      I hope you can all see that disagreeing and having passionate strong opinions is welcomed and not a problem, as long as the OP of a thread presents it as open for discussion or debate.
      If the opening post asks for only polite discussion, please respect that and know the OP can request you to stop posting in their thread.
      Finally, if you are too invested in a topic to control yourself, it is your responsibility to walk away.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
      Science is less tricky than you think. As I quoted above, 96% of biologists agree when human life starts, at conception. Why is not tricky? I argue this:

      A. We know an embryo and a fetus are alive. They meet the criterion for life.

      B. We know an embryo and a fetus are not a "part" of the mother, but rather, they have their own distinct DNA, and their own body.

      C. We know that offspring cannot be of any other species than that of which their parents belong.
      Just wanted to share this part being faulty in regards to having "humans".
      For A it is entirely correct.
      For B though, not being part of the creature you are attached to, and having different DNA from the host while also having human DNA is NOT a criterion to being a human oneself. Not only a fetus, but also cancer cells can live off the host, have their own distinct (human) DNA and if given food outside of the host, live by itself outside of it, obviously it is also alive. SO while it is a true statement, this statement alone does not give humanity to something within a host.
      For C it is also not entirely correct, while in most cases offsprings always pertain to their original host; an offspring can mutate on the womb and be born with enough changes as to be of a different species. Read, Tiger and Lion. Read, Donkey and Horse. Read, plant reproductive mannerism.

      So some of those are not correct and some don't follow a logical conclusion for the desired path unless you want cancer cells to be considered human and given a right to stay alive.

      Oh and before I forget, no. Biologist don't agree life starts at conception, we agree it starts before conception because it is already living organisms that are not multi-celled. If you are talking about human life, biology does not agree it starts as conception, as that would partain to at what point the embryo/fetus is able to stay alive outside of the host/egg. But socially we also take into account at which point the creature is capable of receiving external stimuli from the world, and comprehend it for animals.
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