My face is getting round. Who am I kidding.. the REST of me is getting round too lol.
It's past time to start doing something about it.

I'm an opportunistic eater. I don't know how to pace myself so I tend to eat a lot of bad things toward the beginning of my week (Wednesday) and I eat hardly anything (good or bad) towards the end.

I'm keeping a log, now, of everything I eat throughout the day. I'm counting calories and I'm trying to keep it well below 2,500. That means, I've given up Soda almost entirely (when I'm in Town, I'll sometimes have a fountain drink). I drink at least 6 16.9 ounce bottles of water every day (for a week now).
I've cut out the junk and the fast food almost entirely as well.
I bought a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips for when I want sweets. I can eat 30 and only consume 70 calories (yes, I know they're empty) I eat maybe 10 before I've had enough though lol

I have fruit in jello for breakfast (not a big breakfast person) for 100 calories. For lunch, it's a can of plain tuna. For dinner, it's whatever my son cooks (usually something like chili or black beans, rice with keilbasa).

I NEED to start eating veggies. I'll get some cans of corn and peas (two things I like that are quick and easy).
I'll buy some broccoli and cauliflower tomorrow. We also like cream of mushroom soup over rice. If adventurous (i.e. we didn't blow the grocery money) we'll add chicken and cheese.

Exercising is my biggest "don't ever do" problem. I sit on my butt almost all the time.
If I don't sweat, am I still exercising or burning fat/calories? I love stretching with cords.
Another thing I love from my old karate days is the "boxer's shuffle" alternating punching with blocks.

How should I divide the exercise? Do I have to do it all in one setting (like MUST I stretch before shuffling or could I do one, one day and the other the next)? For how long should I go at it?

THanks for any suggestions.