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      workout schedule

      Can someone give me a good workout schedule? i mostly wanna bulk up. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in 3 years and i can't even lift my arms up now so i'll have to take a little break,

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      Usually I would suggest to do 50 reps of 5 pound weights.... then work on crunches and so.. if they have punch bags.. just punch them for 1/2 hr.... then do 25 more reps but with 10 pound weights then go home...

      so.. I say total exercise is... 55 mins..?

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      This is what I did before I was able to get a few weights

      Run laps
      Push ups
      Pull ups
      Sit ups

      Do each one and see how many you can do before you get tired. Say you can only do 10 pushups. I'd say do 3 sets of 10. Then pull ups, then sit ups, then back to push ups. Do 3-4 rounds. THat's how I do my work outs. That way, you work other muscle groups, and you can prob do more rounds instead of just doing a set, resting for a min, the same set, rest, the same set. Give the groups rest time in between, but you're still moving. Hope that makes sense

      Do them every other day

      My schedule ended up being

      MWF- run, curls, shoulder press, flys, reverse flys, push ups, sit ups (pretty much upper body)
      TThSat- dead lifts, abdomen pull things, lunges, jumping squats (sometiems threw in a bike ride since it was more of a leg workout)

      Then it went to crossfit stuff and was all over the place with what I did. Have really been slacking the last 2mos and need to get back into it
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