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      Meditation and yoga seem to make my daily stress worse...

      When I attempt to quite my mind and relax my body, I only open up a pandora's box of self doubt, pressure, anger, fear, anxiety, pressure etc, and my life feels like it's all going to hell. Will it get any better if I do this daily? Is it normal to feel worse after this stuff?
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      It's likely that all that stuff is there with you all day long, and when you start to focus, you just notice it more. I don't think you'd be creating more stress by relaxing. It's just when you relax around it, it boosts the contrast. Maybe.

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      Everyone needs some time to think about things that happen to them. It doesn't have to be with meditation or yoga, but you do need to sit some place quiet and just think some times. It sounds like you haven't had a chance to really do this, and think about where you are in your life. So when you do try to meditate your mind naturally goes to thinking about that sort of stuff. It is probably pressure and self doubt you always have, but that you been bottling up.

      At least, that would be my guess. Try just thinking about all that stuff that is bothering you. See if you can work it out, or figure out what the cause is.

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