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    Thread: Hands are shaking

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      Hands are shaking

      My hands just started shaking about 30-60 minutes ago. =/ They're fine when I rest them on something but if I raise them (especially if I rest my wrist on something and then raise the rest of my hand) they shake a bit. My left hand isn't too bad but my right hand's kinda shivering or w/e.

      I haven't exactly been eating too healthily during the past week or so and I hardly had a balanced diet today (just cereal, toast, and chicken nuggets x2); I'm guessing it could be a vitamin deficiency. If that's the case, is there anything specific I should eat before going to bed (something high in Vitamin A, B, C, etc) or should I not worry about it, grab anything from the fridge, sleep it off, and then make sure I get enough of the good ol' food groups tomorrow?

      EDIT: Is this the right section or does this belong in sleep and health?
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      Here are some causes of shaky hands...

      Certain asthma medications
      Parkinson’s disease
      Pveractive thyroid gland
      Low blood sugar
      Too much caffiene

      Eating healthy and having a good intake of vitamins can definitely help if you have a vitamin deficiency, which I'm guessing is the cause. I'd start eating better now and not wait until tomorrow. That way you might not wake up to shaky hands tomorrow morning!
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