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      Shoulder damaged baaad just from sleeping

      Ok guys. i'm 31

      about a week ago. i woke up at night like 2am or something and BOOOM

      i couldn't move my shoulder. it was really painful.
      This has lasted all these days and every night is the same thing. At daytime it gets a tiny bit better but then at night i wake up and reeeaally bad.

      I get cramps when i try to move my shoulder in most ways.

      What could this be? Could this be IMPINGEMENT?
      Dr saw my shoulder in an Xray and said i didn't have anything.
      He did say he would like to do an MRI but i dont have money so i said no.

      He gave me therapy to do with a resistance band but i don't know if this is hurting me more and if i should continue doing it.

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      same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. woke up, incredible shoulder pain, doctors didnt know what it was. i couldnt support weight with it, i couldnt pick up heavy things, or my shoulder blade would literally pop out on its own. i had to do physical therapy with resistance bands as well. i think i sprained it really bad, maybe i rolled over with my arm underneath me, and just separated some ligament or something. it got better with time and therapy. maybe you should make an appointment with orthopedics.

      The evening hangs beneath the moon, a silver thread on darkened dune.
      With closing eyes and resting head; I know that sleep is coming soon.

      Upon my pillow, safe in bed,
      A thousand pictures fill my head,

      I cannot sleep , my mids aflight;
      and yet my limbs seems made of lead.
      ---Whitacre's Sleep---

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      My hubby hurt his shoulder about 3 years ago and it's JUST NOW starting to feel better because he didn't go to a Dr. about it. At first, he couldn't even lift a can of Coke.
      He thought he damaged his rotator cuff from a combination of Power Washing cars then banging it a couple days later. Rotator cuff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hubby rested it as best he could, used pain meds and a heating pad.

      My daughter has multi-directional instability in her shoulder from a combination of faulty genes and arm wrestling. Several Dr's thought it was dislocated it can get so bad. Braces and surgery are not an option, but she's been encouraged to wear a sling and to sleep in a recliner (which we don't have). She's gone to Physical Therapy which seems to help for a day or so, then nothing. She does exercises at home. One of them is as simple as standing against a wall with your arm in an "L" shape against your side, then you gently push your arm against the wall. It also works with using your oposite hand as the "wall" so you can do the exercise virtually anywhere. PT recommends ice and elevation.
      It's an injury that takes a long time to heal any way you look at it.

      I hope you have something much more simple and that it gets better soon.

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      Thanks all.

      Well tonight like every night, wake up at 2:50am after goig to bed at 11:30pm, and unbearable pain and can't move my shoulder at all. but i tried to(although difficult) to sleep and had a little night sleep. woke up. i had pain but then i got up and now for some reason, although painful still, i can lift my arm all the way up. Yesterday and the days before and even at night yesterday i couldn't even move. now all of asudden i can more.

      So maybe it is a inpinged nerve and it somehow got released today in the morning. Note that i've been in unbearable pain and couldn't move for the whole past week

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