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      Starting Strength

      Any of you do this? I've been on it for several months and it's partially the reason why I haven't been around these forums. I struggle to remain active on two forums for some reason and logging workouts and discussing with the folks at the SS forum so often took my time away from DV but I won't ever leave you again lol I'm wondering if any of you here do it.
      For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a strength training routine utilizing barbells pretty much exclusively. Squats, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, power cleans.
      Seems like most people these days just flail dumbbells wildly around their body for a few minutes, stare at themselves in the mirror for an hour, run for 5 minutes and call it a workout.
      Just curious to see if anyone else here does it. Fitness forum seems pretty desolate overall.

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      I'm not on that forum but I belong to a Crossfit box. When we are doing out "Wendler" routine, I'd been hitting my strength training. I recently had a knee scoped so I've been set back a bit. In my younger days I was into the body building type of lifting. I know believe that Arnold was the worst thing to ever happen to fitness.

      My best movement is Deads, but I am really starting to like power cleans. Snatches are the next movement I'd like to master. I much prefer high rep to failure vs. 1 rep max.

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      I started a thread a long while back on asking how to gain muscle with just body weight for MMA. Research has shown, theres no way as efficient as weights, so I decided to look up beginner strength routines instead, SS seems to be the most efficient for novice lifters like myself.

      Im doing the practical programming for beginners variation of SS, which for those who dont know is 3 days a weeks and goes

      first: squats every day 3x5 as the max set after warmups

      second: alternate days between bench press, and standing overhead press. Which means one week youll do bench 2 out of the 3 days, the next week youll be doing OHP 2 out of the 3.

      lastly: chinups first day of the week, 3 x5, will have to do weighted eventually , deadlift the second day of the week but enough weight so you can only do 1x5, and then pullups the third day.

      Only been on it a little over a month, but progress in undeniable. You are suppose to try and add 5 lbs to each lift every day, and so far Ive been able to do that on everything, save chin ups/pull ups which cant do 3 sets of 5 yet but Im close!

      I chose this routine because 1. Not allowed to do "power moves" in my university's weight room,, so no power cleans and 2. I wanted something with more back development for use in grappling. and this seemed like the only SS routine that has a solid back focus.
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      chin ups first day of the weeks time, 3 x5, will have to do heavy gradually , lift the second day of the weeks time but enough body weight so you can only do 1x5, and then pullups the third day.

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      Have a look at my Workout Thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/f80/share-...t-plan-137817/
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