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      Anyone do Parkour?

      I practice and do parkour almost daily. Whether itś just climbing up to my second story apartment or trying to scale walls or just running down narrow pathways with a creek below.

      I recently moved to Houston, so I haven't had time to really investigate good places to go "play" other than on the way to work and around the complex I'm staying in. Anyone in the area that might be able to give me some good leads on where I could find decent spots to go without worrying about getting robbed. lol.
      "It isn't your destination that others will look at and take notice of,"
      "but how you got there."

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      I'm miles away from you, sorry lol.
      I did parkour about 3 years ago but never got 100% into it but it was damn fun and I was good at it, I'd like to get into it again, if anyone does Parkour in London, hit me up!

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      i am doing parkour for 2 years now but i've had to stop for two months because of a surgery, but i am trying to pick it up again.
      i am only half as good as i was before
      i don't have any good training spots near my house so i always have to cycle 15 minutes before i get to the best spot, we have here in my city a good community and we have always lots of fun
      i was once at a spot in a parking station and i was robbed, my phone and my wallet were gone, but i got them back later, the police had cought the thieves

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