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      I radiate incredible amounts of heat.

      Hey, i was wondering if anyone could share some information on this, whether it be biological information or if anyone else has this.

      Basically i am a healthy 20 year old with a balanced diet, i am not overweight but i radiate what seems like unfathomable amounts of heat.
      During the nights my current girlfriend and other girlfriends in the past get / have been irritated some nights from cuddling because of the amount of heat i produce, on cold nights they love it because i am always warm.
      My current girlfriend says she can feel it when just lying near me, it seems to be getting increasingly "worse"

      I can sit in shorts and t shirt in my room with 2 fans blowing on full and my room will be warmer than anywhere else in the flat, my flat mates have even commented before on how their rooms are cold and mine is rediculously warm.
      This is the same for the room i live in back at home and previous areas i've lived in.
      I have to have the window open most of the year with my fan or both fans blowing at full whack and during days where the tempurature reaches in the minuses i still need my window open.
      Right now i can walk somewhere in a t shirt and jeans in northern english winter, it can be 0 degrees C and i will be hot enough to sweat by the time i get to where i want to be, it can be as little as a 5-10 minute walk at a reasonable pace.

      I beleive it may be my core tempurature since when i urinate it feels really hot and sometimes a little too hot if its...a cold day. if you get my drift.

      If i do vigorous exercise to the point i am dripping with sweat people have sometimes said they notice steam coming off my body, as if the water is evapourating so quickly you can see the vapour, this happens if i take a bath all the time.

      Now this is a good thing obviously on cold days with my girlfriend, or just generally for heating my room up etc.
      But it can be annoying in various places, mainly social areas like clubs as i will sweat a lot.
      In gigs my whole t shirt is soaking.

      Any input on this would be nice. thanks

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      get control of your stamina, base of breathe and your bodies need to hold that much generation energy.
      I am free

      Focus is like a dream.
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