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      Four, Energy Foods.

      Here are four energy foods.

      1. Banana have a ton of fiber, which is a good pick-me-up.
      2. Walnut and almonds have a lot of protein, and magnesium which is a mineral that help convert sugar into power.
      3. Drink water though out the day so you do not, get de-hydrated which can make you tired and sluggish.
      4. Eggs have are good source of vitamin D and choline which are known power ampers, and give you bonus protein omega-43s and vitamin E.

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      1. Fiber doesn't give you energy. Fiber is good for digestion. The starches and sugars in bananas give you energy, along with (almost negligibly) the B vitamins (the real energy boost of a 5-hour-energy drink). They also counteract the positive effect of the fiber, making bananas constipatory.
      2. Beans are high in protein, with none of the fat which nuts are loaded with. If you want magnesium that's a good, great, or excellent source, try verdant vegetables: broccoli and spinach.
      3. Water is not a food. But it is the healthiest beverage. You made your best point here.
      4. Eggs are high in fat and cholesterol. Some nutritionists recommend no more than one per day. You get all the vitamin D you need from 20 minutes of sunlight, and omega-3's from fish (or flax, flaxmilk) are a healthier alternative.

      If you're looking for more filling energy sources, then nuts and eggs will give you the protein and fat needed to keep you feeling full longer.

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      for some reason nuts never fill me up. i prefer to replace that with avocados.

      and if i want an energy meal, a small piece of steak with baked potatoes helps me feel energized and full.

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