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      Productiity and Relaxation - With free Mp3 Trance/Hypnosis Tape

      Hey everyone,

      I haven't posted in a while but I found something I thought was worth sharing... I was browsing youtube and found a guy from the Netherlands (like me) holding a mini lecture on how relaxation (or rather anti-stress) promotes productivity and happiness in corporations like google..

      LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZKaWSXSspY

      Also the idea that a nation should use a google like construction for the people... Very interesting stuff.

      Best thing (here comes the sharing part), the guy created a relaxation tape with hypnotic qualities, it's in the comments of the video... It worked VERY VERY nicely for me...

      Could you guy's let me know how the tape works for you?


      - Chris
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      Watching him and especially hearing his voice was relaxing in itself I'll check out the mp3 though. I can tell you from a musician's standpoint that being stress free is indeed very important for success. I play trumpet and when my muscles are tense, boy, it makes it so hard to get a good, solid, supported sound.


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