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      Allergies and Anxiety?

      Just wondering if anyone knew if the two could be related in someway. I've been slightly allergic to dairy products all my life, but they never used to bother me until a year ago. Now I get gas that doesn't seem to pass. This generally increases my heart rate, and puts me in an anxious state of mind. Finally after I pass gas I begin to relax and feel better again.

      Could other allergies cause anxiety as well, because I am allergic to quiet a few things that I just ignore because it wasn't a serious allergy. Could be a reason why my nose seems to be stuffed often, causing me to mouth breath at lest half the time. I've heard breathing through the mouth can increase anxiety as well.

      Maybe I'm connecting dots with curved lines, but that's why I'm posting to see what someone else thinks...

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      Allergies can cause all sorts of havoc as you well know. I'm sure anxiety could be one of the many side effects.

      Whenever I get stressed out (usually right before a trip) I get gas that doesn't pass too. I've monitored myself and I have not noticed anything that triggers it (my breathing remains the same). Pain causes me to be more anxious and because these ALWAYS happen before a trip, the trip itself makes me anxious. It's all very circular lol.

      Gas-X is a God-send.

      My nose is often stopped up too, but usually only one nostril at a time lol. I have a lot of minor allergies but I've never been able to connect my anxiety to them.


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