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      The "100 days" Challenge

      Hey all, long time no see!

      During my recent travels, I ran into a Shaman who thought a group of people some stuff. Just some Qigong and other meditative stuff.

      One of the things he did was an initiation for a 100 day (really 80-120 depending on stuff) undertaking that requires discipline and daily practice.

      It's about building up sexual energy over time. Now, let me just say that I'm result-oriented, and my beliefs about whether "energy" (in that newagey sense) is real don't matter here. It might be real. Or, people who claim to feel it flow through them are really just feeling increased blood flow from the breathing exercises (which pushes blood out of big organs like your stomach, if it's been camping out there). As long as it's useful to PRETEND that it's there, I don't mind pretending. Get it? I separate the model from the reality. Kind of like how Newton's model of mechanics is just kind of an approximation of reality... but it's useful to pretend that it's real for most practical applications.

      ...anyway, the daily practice is not that bad... just 20 minutes of stuff... The part that requires a lot more discipline is that it is verboten to blow your load during this period. You can have all the foreplay you want, and pleasure your partner, but you cannot orgasm/ejaculate, or else you ruin it and have to start over.

      Every 15 days or so, the exercises change.

      I've decided to go forward with this and give it a shot. It sounds like something that might be interesting. I figure, in the worst case, I'll learn to take my time even more with pleasuring my partner and really exploring her body, etc. In the best case... who knows!

      So anyway, the question is, anyone here had any experience with this kind of stuff?

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