My kids have been horribly sick. My oldest son had a nasty chest cold/infection for 3 weeks and my youngest daughter has an extremely red, swollen and sore throat. My other 2 kids have been in between each extreme.

When they first started getting sick, I tried to push vitamins on them. They weren't interested but I started taking them even though I wasn't then showing symptoms.

I started taking Vitamin C as well as Goldenseal/Echinacea (sp), but then I picked up some melatonin, Korean Ginseng, and Green Tea w/ Hoodia.
I stopped taking the first 2 after a couple weeks and only took Melatonin a couple of times.

How long should a person take vitamins for? Can they be used every day for the rest of a persons life or should they be taken only off and on?

As for the effects of what I've been taking...
Korean Ginseng has shot my libido through the roof lol
I feel no change in general health, alertness etc BUT, I've had an occasional sore throat 3 times and a cough for 2 days.
I'm now a believer.

But my psychiatrist says to eat foods rich in those vitamins because suppliments are too unreliable. ???