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      Physical complaints thread

      Here is where to kvetch about injuries, illness and the like so that your friends at DV can kiss your booboos, point and laugh, or offer salient commentary/advice. If you're looking for more extensive help/advice, you might want to start your own thread in F&H or the Help! section instead (or more likely, see a doctor).

      On that note, I did something horrible to my neck in my sleep last night. It's not like when you wake up stiff and can't turn your head--it's regular, shooting pains, enough to make me wince. I think I pulled a muscle right at the base of my skull, a hand-width back from my right ear. 500mg acetaminophen take the edge off, as long as I keep my head pretty still. I might be picking up a neck brace after work today
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      Here's some hugs and kisses for your owie *SMASK*

      I hope it passes soon.

      My only complaints of the day are nicotine withdrawal (minimized by mints and occasional SNUS) and an itchy spot on the top of my left foot. I scratched the skin off before I realized what I was doing *grrrr*


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