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      Persistant peeling on my finger

      [Excuse my spelling, meant to say "persistent".]

      It's just the index finger on my left hand, but for at least a month and a half now, the skin's been...well, just take a look:

      Normally, I'd laugh at such a trifling thing, but it's been there for far, far too long to be normal. Originally I thought it was just callusing from playing bass too much, but 1) I haven't even played any more than I normally do, 2) none of the other fingers on my left hand (which I use equally as much) have so much as a scratch on them, and 3) where the irritated skin is isn't exactly the part of my finger I use when playing (that would be the fingertip)...so, my bass playing can be ruled out entirely, I'd say.

      You can't really see from the shittiness of the picture (which I used my scanner to take, no joke), but the general area of skin beneath the white peeling bits is all pinkish. My mom seems to think that it's a fungal infection, but rubbing antifungal cream on it doesn't seem to do a lick of difference.

      Any ideas on what it is or how I got it? My best guess is that I got it at work from handling the filthy timecards used by our company's field workers...I could go into a bunch of reasons why that probably wouldn't be the case, but I'll spare you the details of my job.
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      Ask a doctor. Honestly, it looks like just dry skin to me, but if it worries you, ask a doctor.

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      If it is a fungal infection etc., then next time you go take a shower, piss on it. Not joking. Urine is sterile and it contains ammonia. It is a great cure if you ever get athletes foot etc..

      Like someone else said though, it is probably just dry skin.

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