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      Half sleeping dreaming.. Half Awake??

      hello people.. i have a problem.. i always have a lot of dreams per night.. that i get unable to remember a few of them.. but i remember that i had them.. because i can remember.. just a very small % of them.. so.. i usually wake up a lottt at night.. or in the morning.. since i sleep a lot cause its vacations.. and i wake up.. and change position over and over again, so something that happens to me once in a while.. is that i am dreaming.. is not lucid.. well, not completely, cause like i know im dreaming, but i dont control the dream, it just gets blurry but i doesnt endd.. and at the same timee i am able to movee my real body, what the hell?? instead of becoming lucidd and move my dream body at will i start moving my damn real body.. xD, any way i notice yestarday i could move my arma and shoulder a little my real body, while watching the blurry dream, o.o
      why does this happens? sometimes i think im just making scenarios on my mind, that im just imagining stuff, but i dont remember wanting to imagin something, so it was a dream, or maybee the memories of my dream??? i dont think so, but what do i knoww i was half sleep.. orr.. AHHH im going crazyyy >.< and this is messing with me attemoting to go lucid.. crap

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      Sometimes when im really tired i start to drift off into a LD and then i wake up again and the dreams gone.

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      Sounds like you're having some sort of visualizations in the middle of the night, as under any normal REM circumstance you should be in either: sleep paralysis or: the dream world completely with no awareness of your physical body. Try not to toss and turn so much and maybe try a few RCs during the night. That might help as what you could also be doing is having false awakenings and thinking about visualizing stuff as you lay there in your FA.

      That's just all on speculation though ;D

      Since you wake up a lot at night you should look into Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. You might be good at it.

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