i wont bore you telling you my frist experiences of and LD/SP because most lucid dreamers and LD/SP share similair experiences. But what has come to my attention a lately is im not concious of that im dreaming and occasionally the person ill be speaking to is my girlfriend..i'm having a conversation with them i wouldnt say im in control i believe i'm awake and i feel like im concious of the conversation i'm having ..then we start talking about things i worry they'll take about in real life i dont start this converstion my gf does (cheating, her fantasies,) some of my biggest fears have some manifested into my dreams. upon wakening ill fall into sleep paralysis thats when i realise all along it was a dream i hear not a sound, but a thought of laughter thats the scariest bit for me you know its like my mind has tricked me into believing it was real..

After this happened i said to myself i'm going to recognise its a dream the next time..so did it happen again sure it did.. did i tell my gf in my dream that this just a dream i know your trying to trick me (i don't know who your is i feel like its myself) the strangest thing happened i heard a loud screeching sound and i fell into sleep paralysis not long after i woke up.