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      Why do I keep dreaming of death?

      Wednesday night I had a dream. My ex boyfriend who moved out about a month ago now was in the dream. He was at my friend's house whom he doesn't really know that well and another couple who are married and I don't really speak to them much and he definitely doesn't know them. They were all at my friends house round the table having fun doing a kind of "come dine with me" meal. He had single or something along those lines written across his head in pen and was acting drunk. Next thing I dream that he is in completely different friend's bed, someone who he does know but this friend was at my house in the dream. So I went over to her house and saw him sleeping and I poured salt over his face and it killed him and I felt so guilty for doing this.

      Thursday night I had a dream that I was taking flowers to my grans grave. At my grans grave in the dream was also buried my grandpa and my uncle. They are both actually buried at different cemeteries but they were all together in the dream and instead of graves it was a double bed and single bed put together and I was so upset and scared in the dream.

      What can this mean? Are they connected?

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      is your boyfriend a snail? lol jk jk you know.. salt

      NOOOO, dreams are nothing besides your own worries/memories/thoughts mixed together. This is nothing to be worried about, i promise. Theyre just normal dreams. Emotions are some what stronger in dreams as well. no reason to be scared afterward
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      It seems like you wanted to punish/hurt your ex with the pouring of the salt, an expression of anger - the outcome was more than you anticipated, possibly meaning that despite your emotions you are not ruthless or wish any real harm towards him.
      I don't think either dreams are related.

      This is just my own interpretation, good luck.
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      What they said. And dreaming of death is pretty common, I dreamed about getting shot in the back, killing people that i know, beating some guys to death with wooden clubs. I even dreamed about a massacre happening in my house, 20 people trying to kill each other. This happens to a lot of people, don't worry.

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