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    Thread: Amount of sleep

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      Amount of sleep

      Would I be able to have good dream recall/lucid dream if I average 6-7 hours per night? My schedule isn't so rigid that I couldn't get more, and if it's at all beneficial I could go in the 7-8 range.

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      Really, the more sleep the better.

      You may or may not be aware that your sleep is broken up into four stages. Stage one is extremely light, it's what you first expience when falling asleep. Stage two takes you slightly deeper, stage three is your deepest. Stage four, however is your REM (rapid eye movement) cycle, where you dream. As the night goes on, your third cycle shortens and your fourth lenghtens, resulting in longer dreams. Also, as you sleep longer, you're closer to conciouncess, therefore you're more likely to catch yourself in a dream, resulting in a lucid.

      The 7-8 range would be preferable, and remember to set a schedule, such as go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5am, or 10pm to 6am, etc. Try to keep it as constant as possible, that way your REM cycles can really set in and be overall better.

      Sorry if I over explained this, I hope this helped though.

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      You should be ok, though i'd push it for the 7 and a half mark if you can, thats generally were a sleep cycle ends (they're in 90 minute cycles)
      So either 6 hours, 7 and half, or 9 hours would be preferable. Though more sleep is obviously better than less.

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      to me i dont get any recall if i didnt sleep early and sleep for about 8 hours
      thats why i never get any recall but when i slept well for 3 days i got a lucid dream so try to get as much sleep as possible
      good luck

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