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    Thread: Suggestions for Vividness?

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      Talking Suggestions for Vividness?

      Sometimes i don't even care if i get lucid. I just want vivid dreams, that's as far as i'll go for now. if you have any suggestions for vivid dreams, i would appreciate it alot. Thank you. (Yes, i have vitamin B6 Supplements.)

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      I always remember reading cheese helps, I think.

      As for me...

      Well, ice cream's helped in the past, in a way. But that can also cause nightmares so you may not wanna try that xP Didn't always for me, though. Which is funny since i'm really sencitive to sugar.

      I guess everyone's body is dif. But the cheese thing seems famous for vivid dreams, i think. I came accross it pretty often =P

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      i had luck with a conbination of Valerian and st johns wort, peanut butter sandwiches
      the room you sleep in, the darker it is the better, the more darker it is the more your body will produce melatonin,
      Q: I read Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival and one of things the author recommend is making your bedroom completely dark. Has anyone tried this? Do you sleep better? Does it work?

      A: There’s no doubt about the importance of a dark environment for sleeping. When we expose our bodies to lower light conditions in the evenings, sleep comes more easily due to melatonin release after the sun goes down.
      more darkness there is, the more your brain can do its thing

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      OP, are you sure you're having trouble getting vivid dreams, and aren't just forgetting your vivid dreams? I find that whenever I can remember a dream in great detail, I also remember it to be more vivid. I don't think those dreams are actually more vivid than the ones I don't remember very well. I just remember them more clearly, and so they seem like they were more vivid. And I'm sure you know the best way to go about remembering your dreams better: by keeping a dream journal and writing in it every morning, even if you barely remember anything. If you don't already do that, that is.

      Quote Originally Posted by MissyDawhMajii View Post
      I always remember reading cheese helps, I think.
      How do you read cheese?

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      The more you pay attention to life during the day, the more you will pay attention to it in the night, and the better you will remember them both.
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      Have you tried sleeping pills, like melatonin or B6? Melatonin works a little bit for me, but I have recently noticed that if I don't set alarm to go off for WBTB or WILD at all, I will have really vivid dreams.

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