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    Thread: Your most interesting visuals in hypnagogic phase

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      Your most interesting visuals in hypnagogic phase

      Last night I tried WILD (and failed) but I had the most interesting visual in the hypnagogic phase, you know, that time while you are slipping away but aren't really in a dream yet.

      Everyone knows the colorful flashes and abstract forms you see when you observe the back of your eyelids while falling asleep. At one point these things became less and less active and a kind of dream snippet appeared in which I basically was in a dark room, which represented the inside of my eye. One wall represented my inner eyelid and there was a guy whose job it was to make these colorful flashes and abstract forms mentioned earlier.
      I asked him why these became less apparent. He took some kind of sparkling firework out of a box, lid it and moved it around in front of the closed eyelid. He turned to me and answered my question: "I'm running out of material here."

      I thought that was kinda funny. Took me right out of the hypnagogic state too though.
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      That's great!!
      Made me smile very broadly!

      Despite trying for a while - I never had a classical WILD, only DEILDs.
      And there were only two times, where I had any HH/HI.

      Both times the classical vibrations - but in the first instance - also after the usual low-key lights, colours and patterns had waned a bit - something appeared.
      Been looking at the back of my eyelids - and they were the screen for the above mentioned - but then suddenly I saw something through my closed eyelids - meaning it seemed to hang in space behind them.
      It was beautiful - an electric blue mandala of quite some complexity - surely 20 layers of patterning - but all in blue. It was clear and I could marvel at it - but then it went away.

      So lovely - unfortunately this happened the second time I ever tried WILD, and after only 2 min.
      So getting up after not only the mandala but also the vibrations were receding, and there was no obvious dream to enter - it seemed excusable.
      I had found no problems at all to get there after all.

      Little did I know..

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