Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this but I couldn't find a more specific sub forum to put it in and figured the general discussion would suffice. Feel free to move it if needed

Hey guys, I made a dream journal application for Windows phones that is designed for lucid dreaming. It's my first app that I've ever made because I wanted a journal on my phone but there weren't any good ones on the store. It took me a long time to finish because I had to teach myself while writing it but I finally got a finished product out and it seems to work really well at least with my phone.

Here are some screenshots of it: Lucidity Screenshots - Imgur

So far the app has a few main features included in it. There is the main journal for listing all your recorded dreams and when selecting a dream from the list you can either be taken to a page where you can just read your dream over again to refresh your memory, or you can go back into the dream to edit or change some details for it. Dream entries have a few basic options such as title, date and time, and of course the description. Also some other options are if it is a favorite you can mark a star next to the dream on the main page and you can choose the level of lucidity of the dream between three simple options (not lucid, partly lucid, and fully lucid). Each journal entry has its own set of keywords from the description that you can tag onto it. The tags from all journal entries are collected on the main page under the tags tab and you can see the frequency of each word to find out what you dream most about. On each page in the app bar there is a button to toggle a way to dim the app so that it is not bright and annoying when you wake up and want to type your dream or if you're just reading through dreams at night before bed. The amount that is dimmed can be changed in the settings for the app, as well as the sorting methods for the main journal and the tags list.

This is still the first release of it and I hope to include updates eventually, adding new features or fixing any issues with the program. I had hoped to include an alarm feature before first release but it was beyond my scope of knowledge at this time. The alarm would be able to be set so that a soft sound would play during the night, timed for when you should be dreaming, that is quiet enough to hopefully not wake you up fully but maybe alert you while you're in your dream. There would also be a main alarm set so that it wakes you up slowly over time and takes you straight to a new journal entry when you get up. I'm not sure if this is possible with the windows app development but that is what I hope to include with an update. I also want to make a search function so you can find journal entries containing specific words.

Thank you for taking the time to look at it and I hope some of you can find it useful!

Here it is in the app store: Lucidity | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)