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    Thread: My Dreams Tell Me the Status of My Equipment

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      My Dreams Tell Me the Status of My Equipment

      I work a dangerous job where I carry a pistol and other equipment. In my dreams, I might sometimes use something I carry on my belt. In most of my dreams when I'd use my pistol, it would jam or fail to fire. This worried me a lot while at work until one day I field stripped my pistol and found all kinds of gunk, which took about an hour and a half to clean. The pistol handled better and I didnt have any more dreams where my gun would jam.

      A few days ago, I dreamnt that my flashlight wasnt as bright as it should. I flashed it and when I replaced thr battery, noticed that the battery was running out.

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      Important stuff dealing with personal safety. One could argue that the subconscious is so intelligent that it was aware and made mathematical observations about your equipment that you coulden't have easily done so yourself.

      I had a very simply dream once of having fungus-covered bread in my kitchen and later found out that the bread i ate a few days later was indeed toxic and covered in fungus. So i threw it away before eating too much of it. The connection here is personal safety. Some kind of protective mechanism is at work here I think.

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