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      Question Dreaming about Sleep Paralysis??

      So i've been interested in Lucid Dreaming for about 2-3 weeks now, and started a dream journal since then. This worked out pretty good, i was able to remember at least one dream each night for about 12 days and even had a LD the second day after i read about it But for some reason i wasn't able to remember any dreams for the past six days, until this night.

      I was just floating around on a river, sitting on a big leaf of some sort. I was just looking at the dream like some sort of tv show, wasn't lucid, but it was pretty clear.
      I was drifting along the current and for some reason when i was at the end of the river, i started over from the top, drifting towards the end again. The second time though, i took a wrong direction somewhere where the river split in two. I needed to go right (don't know why, but i just knew this), but the current of the river dragged me left. I fell off my leaf and started sinking towards the bottom of the river, where i just layed face down, on my belly. I closed my eyes, and the dream started to fade. I start paying attention to my breathing, which gets harder and harder. It feels like there something heavy on my chest. My whole body feels numb and the only thing i can still do is breath. Suddenly, with my eyes closed, i see everything flashing bright neon green, white and pink. As i see this flashing, i hear female voices, singing like a choir who start at a high note and keep singing lower, all in one smooth transition. I feel like i'm falling when i hear this and suddenly it all stops. I'm still firmly keeping my eyes closed as i'm scared i'd see some creepy shizzle since i'm convinced i'm in sleep paralysis now. At this moment i think to myself "this is it, i must be dreaming since i've gone past the sleep paralysis". I try to do an RC, pinch my nose and try to breath but it fails, i'm awake.

      This dream freaked me out, it was a pretty intense experience. I've never had sleep paralysis, so i don't know how it really feels but i've been googling about it lately and it seems a bit scary, so maybe that triggered this dream?

      I wanted to share this with you guys because it was such a strange experience. Did anyone else ever have this kind of dream? Or what do you think about all this? I'm really curious if other people have had this too

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      It sounds like you woke up briefly, and then went into an exceptionally neat DEILD transition, but prematurely aborted it due to being scared Don't be scared. You had a whole choir backing you up!

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      I don't know whether i woke up from the dream and then the things started flashing and singing. I think i dreamed about that transition to be honest, but i really have no clue what happened
      Also, i don't think i was scared really. I was mostly thinking "come on, i can do this, let's get lucid" haha But i do remember being pretty excited and my heart racing as it was quite a special thing. Maybe that's why i woke up?

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