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      My boyfriends son and my protector?

      I have a protector in the form of a little girl named Emma, she looks over me and my son. I believe she protected me from my controlling ex partner and a bad spirit that followed him. She has continued to protect me from this spirit even now that my ex partner has left.

      My new boyfriend lost his son in tragic circumstances when he was only 3 years old.

      Last night I dreamt I was sitting on my sofa watching my boyfriends son and my protector Emma, playing on my living room floor with some toys. He kept looking back at me as if to check I was still there. Although he didn't get up I felt as if I had been given a big hug from him.

      I rarely ever have dreams involving people I know, they're always generic people. Also my home feels very quiet and serene this morning as if something bad has been removed.
      Any help with understanding this one?

      Thanks xx

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      I believe that his son must be his protector, and I believe that it is probably pretty normal for him to play with your protector often in a spiritual realm. (It helps that they are both children at heart). I also think this is trying to tell you that this little boy knows that you are someone who needed "a spiritual hug", and that maybe the little girl needed a little help in clearing out energies that you weren't letting go of.

      First, I know from experience that spirits only stick around as long as they are still allowed by the person. So this "ex" of yours has agreed to allow it to stick to him. Well, most bad spirits, or negative energies, have to survive on fear, negativity, and panic; so this means that he is allowing these bad energies to surround him and what he does. You, in turn didn't really "allow it", but you didn't really tell it that it couldn't be there either. In turn you feared it, and it was able to feed on you (even though it won't leave you ex). It knows that it could leave a portal in your house (allowed in by the ex), but you hadn't told it to get rid of it.

      This dream first symbolizes to me, that you have this little boy here. He keeps watching to see if you are still there. This to me is a non-verbal agreement between you. There was a conversation between the soul, and a guarantee there when you are willing to stick around he will will fulfill. My guess is this is showing that you "stuck with his father", and this is meaning this time in your life. Because of you being with his father, he was willing to tell the past negative being to leave.

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