Hi dreaming isnt something that occurs very often for me and after last nights events im somewhat glad as ive racked my brains about the meaning of the dreams i had last night lol. I would love the input of some people more experienced at this than myself..

Some quick background; I broke up with my GF about 4/5 months ago, i still have very strong feelings for her and think about her a lot, ive moved on with my life but despite thinking about her frequently usually because of inevitable reminders however this is the first time ive dreamt of her.
The dream started with is sitting together on my bed in my new house, somewhere we never spent time together in reality. I sat down next to her and held her hand she accepted this and squeezed my hand back before a sudden change in attitude quickly changing to anger and leaving the house!
Next my dream moved onto me roller skating around a shopping mall seeing several people i knew but not speaking to anyone.
The final segment of my dream involved a man i didnt know or recognise asking me to go with him in his car, as we were driving i felt a feeling of terror but didn't run. We eventually parked and he gave me 200 and i felt an immediate need to flee, which i did again on my roller skates. I thought this was odd as i definitely cannot or ever have been able to skate lol. All being said this dreamt was very vivid and odd, i felt like i had slept for days when it was only 6 hours or so. Thanks in advance for any replies.