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    Thread: In need of help, terrifying sleep paralysis

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      In need of help, terrifying sleep paralysis

      Hello, I'm new here and I'm seeking advice from anyone who can offer it. Ever since I was very young I've always had issues sleeping. I've dealt with sleep paralysis over the years which use to terrify me as a kid. In to my teens lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis started to occur more often but the things I would experience during sleep paralysis became worse.

      For example I've had sensation of things touching me or hearing breathing against my ear as I've struggled to wake up. I've had visions of things crawling all over me or being dragged off my bed. Sometimes I'm stuck staring at the door in my room with a hallucination of a dark figure watching me sleep.

      As an adult they occur a lot more routinely now. I've trained myself to acknowledge what it is when it occurs and I'm able to wake myself up quicker. I don't sleep very much now, I'd say maybe 4 hours a night and sometimes I skip sleep all together. This isnt from lack of trying, at times my mind just wont let me sleep. I've tried sleeping pills in the past but after awhile they stopped working for me. it's an issue I've dealt with my whole life and I would appreciate any sort of advice. Thank you for reading.
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      I have always been able to break out of sleep paryalysis by moving just the tips of my fingers, I unparalyze instantly and the pressure lifts off of me. Don't try to move your shoulder or your arm or your hand, or even a finger.... just the tips of them. If this fails try moving just the tips of your toes, just give the tips a wiggle.
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