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    Thread: a BREAKTHROUGH for vivid dreaming!

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      a BREAKTHROUGH for vivid dreaming!

      Hello everybody!

      So I'm just gonna get to the point and say that I am very excited to have finally found out why all my dreams are so "muddy" and "look like a distant memory in your side vision"

      The secret was, (and warning this may be a little weird/unexpected), but it was because of.....


      How did I come across this?
      Well one day I was researching into my lifestyle (theistic by the way) and I concluded that my addiction to adult entertainment was demonic. I essentially believe that it was the cause for my depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, heavy spontaneous anger (almost like i'm possessed type anger) and not being happy when I get stuff that I really wanted. I even broke down one time. So I confessed to myself that I'm addicted to it.

      Then I decided to stop watching this stuff for 4 days and the results were amazing....

      I felt extremely powerful and energetic, I was happy at the slightest stuff, It felt so good that I almost compared it to feeling like the best year I had (2010), and to top it all I had vivid dreams! and even a lucid one too!(i was so excited about this that i noted it on my first DJ post on this website ), dreams that didn't feel foggy or groggy, dreams that actually felt like SOMETHING! it was amazing, all until i relapsed.....

      I instantly went back to that depression, anxiety, super angry, weak feeling and my dreams returned to it's "hell" state.....

      So this time around I'm gonna quit cold turkey, because I am super motivated to lucid dream and i'll do anything to reach my goal.

      Thanks for reading
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      Yup. Same problem here, it really does hinder dream recall. There are LOADS of benefits you can experience by abstaining from masturbation, you should look into it more. The benefits go way beyond dreaming. Quitting cold turkey is really difficult though. Every time i try to quit i get insomnia and shit for the first while.

      Plus, i bet abstaining could probably make Dream Sex more intense.

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