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    Thread: Best Advice Ever From My Dream Guide

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      Best Advice Ever From My Dream Guide

      So this was from last night and this is so amazing that I wanted to post it before I'd forget the details. My current dream guide, Dreamy WB, gave me (along with this other lady (she was a mum)) such deep and meaningful advice. She sat us down at a park picnic table under a gazebo, had me hugging her on the side, and said something like "Don't take good times for granted; and appreciate both the good and the bad. Once a person stops being bad, the only thing they can be is good" and then she adds, directed to the lady "you have your other side of the family. Seek solitude in them until that queen (Dreamy WB pointed) resolves herself". The journal entry will come later today.
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      I like your dream guide's advice. It is helpful to keep that in mind. Although, I know some will question what is actually "bad" and "good" when they hear that.
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