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    Thread: does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?

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      Question does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?

      The other night i had a (non lucid) dream which felt significant, in which i entered a house with my friend only to immediately state that we had to leave because i had dreamt of this place before, and knew something bad had happened here and would happen again.

      I don't remember ever having dreamt of the place before that moment (although my dream recall has not been so great recently) but my dream self seemed adamant about it.

      I also frequently dream of running into places or people from past dreams which i do remember having, but my dream self doesn't remember them as dreams. For instance, i dreamt my friend Bella and I were invited to a party at a house which you had to go through a tunnel to get to. And then a few weeks later, i had another completely different dream in which i drove past the tunnel with Bella and said "hey look, it's that place where that party happened."

      I should have become lucid in that moment because i had previously journalled the party dream, and i should have recognised i was in the dream world when i came across it's setting again. Yet my dream self just seemed to consider it as an event from my past.
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      Yeah, I've had something like this happen. Just the other day I dreamed about being at college, but it felt familiar in a dream way rather than a real life way. That is, it felt very similar to a college I'd dreamed about before (which at the time had been based on a real life college), and didn't feel too connected to real life. It was pleasantly nostalgic.

      On the other hand, sometimes I'll "remember" things from other dreams that didn't actually happen. It's pretty easy for my brain to engage in some fast-and-loose set-building in order to fill out the dream a bit more.

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      this happen all the time to me when I'm I'm a dream or just trying to recall a dream that happen so I started trying to integrate my past dream with dream that I'm now having so I be dreaming about recall or jus trying to become lucid and then a spark from a dream that I already had would pop up so I would keep writing it down then when I try to remember more recall more dream would become more spontaneous but its very distorted try it out like write a past dream you had with a dream that jus happen it becomes like a pathway to your subconscious

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      A few weeks ago i had a NL dream where i was helping a high school friend fix his apartment. Lots of details and considering what would be cheaper, to fix all the holes in the walls and paint some or paint the whole thing with little fixing. Anwyay, woke up still at nightime and later had my WBTB WILD attempt that resulted in another NL dream. There i saw the same high school friend and I ran up to him and told him how I had had a dream where i was helping him fix his apartment and that etc....... (BTW high school was more than 30 years ago).
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      surprised that I haven't seen any threads about this phenomenon
      or maybe it's not as common?

      buuuuuut its very frequent for me
      almost all my dreams seem connected, as if there were few persistent dream worlds I dream in every night
      I'm back! Again? Uhhh..

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      I've remembered past dreams (or dreams forgotten in reality) while dreaming (not too often) maybe the mind is looking for recycled material from past dreams scenarios, like u said we usually consider it an event of the past, it would be interesting to become lucid while this happened..like getting to explore a database of forgotten memories/experiences
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