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    Thread: Your Near Death Behavior in Non-Lucid Dreams?

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      Your Near Death Behavior in Non-Lucid Dreams?

      I was curious if anybody here has learned something about themselves through their behavior in dreams. For example, I had a dream where I was in a life-threatening situation. I don't remember the details as mine happened quite a while ago, but I do recall experiencing intense fear as I was getting mugged at gunpoint in a dream. Like true, this is the end, paralyzing fear. I'm really kind of bummed that I don't remember too much about that dream or what exactly I did since it was a while ago, but remembering that situation made me wonder if anyone here has learned something about themselves through something similar?

      It doesn't even have to be a life threatening situation, but if you noticed you behaved in a way you didn't expect you would in these situations that will only, hopefully, ever happen in a dream.
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      A couple months ago I had a couple dreams where I died violently and I actually felt it! In one I got chopped up by a circular saw. Even though I felt the pain my mind was rushing to survive the situation so I wasn't incapacitated by the pain itself. I probably had a real rush of adrenaline just like if I really was in the situation. I woke up right away each time so I didn't have much chance to see how I would have actually reacted beyond that initial fear.
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      Wow, this is interesting. I can remember two instances that were "near death" in which I had to think on my toes... That's what those kinds of encounters do to me. As everyone probably knows by now, when I know there is a solution, let's call it a light at the end of the tunnel, I usually rely on my dream guide to come in and take me there. But when it's a matter of life and death, I put me first and most importantly, my life first! The first instance was in Dream No. 303 where I was in a room full of all these coffins with dead classmates with them and I thought to myself, I could be next. The bad character in the dream was my economics teacher and I actually thought that if I called my dream guide, he would hear me and come after me. My thought was "Don't worry about calling Dreamy WB, just run and get the heck out of this place!".

      And then in Dream No. 367 A, as a rite of passage, I had to survive the actions of this man identified in the legend. The lights went out, we hid, the man came looking for me and found me under the table. Rather than cowering out, I felt like I had the strongest willpower ever in this scene. He placed a saw onto my back and started grinding me! But here's the interesting thing, I felt absolutely no pain and when he was done, there were absolutely no scratches on me.

      So when it comes to death being really close by, I find I put 110% in just to stay alive, even if it does mean sacrificing something else. I haven't really had any dreams yet where I've actually died.

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      I've discovered that if it is my own life in danger I will usually end up thinking... wtf... we all gotta die sometime. But if it is someone else's life, especially someone I care about, I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I wish I placed the same value on my own life. I hate how I will just surrender and accept oncoming death.

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